Collectors of Taft McWhorter Art

Ken Adam

Debbie Adams

Matias Adrogue

Jason and Tammy Ahlgren

Brad Alexander

Suzanne Alft

Rick Anderssen

Shelly Antley

Michael Arendes

Tommy Atkins

Brad and Elizabeth Ault

Mary Avina

Debbie and Tommy Ayers

Tiffany Ayers

Michael and Erin Babich

Edwina and KC Baker

Bill Baldwin

Brett and Suzanne Banfield

Rodolpho Banuelos

Aurora Barcenas

Stephanie Barnes - Toronto, Canada

Cheryl Barta

Andrew Barth

Steve and June Barth

Dave Barton, N Hollywood, CA

Melanie and Chuck Bassett

Darrell and Kim Beal

Brad and Victoria Beitler

Jeff and Jennifer Beitler

LeAnn Behrens

Chris and Megan Belcher

Kelly and Emily Belcher

Jim and Donna Bennett

Mindy Benefield

Joel and Tori Berghoff

Emily Berman

Joey and Christiane Bernal

Pamela Best

Matt Bingus

Jarred and Rita Blanchard

Dave and Joanna Bombach

Ron Borza

Maria Elena Bottazzi, Ph.D, FASTMH

Laurie and Mark Boyer

Don Branch

Saint Arnolds Brewing Co.

Chad and Melody Briggs

Gary and Judy Brister

Diane Brown

Larry and Barbara Brownback

Steve and Nancy Browning

Eric Brueggeman

Page and Waynette Brunkhorst

Grazia and Chad Brunochelli, Pasadena, CA

Amanda Boffone

Heather Bulk

Stephanie Bundage

Larry and Charla Burleson

Teresa and Dilbert Burlinson - Oakland, CA

Tom Butcher

Darlene and Paul Bycowski

Fred and Susan Caldwell

Michael and Diane Caplan

Melinda Carey

Tracey Manfold Carlson

Elise Carlson

Geoff Carroll

Paul Carrol

Greg Chandler

Angelica Chapman

Bob Charles

Chevron Corp.

Churrascos Champions

Rebecca and Chris Clark

Sacha Clark

Cathy and Joe Cleary

Cindy Clifford

Natalie Cochran

Ron Coifman

James Cole

Dallas and Stephanie Coleman

Beth Colle

Elizabeth Cook

Jane Cook

Andrew Cordes and Brian Teichman

David Cordua

Michael and Lucia Cordua

Jean and Amanda Costa

Bryan Cotton

Andy and Yong Cox

Christie Cox

Todd and Deana Crawford

Cheryl Crider

Kevin Cullen and Janeice Wienand

Molly Cumming

Don Daigle

Andrew Dao

Inaas Darrat

Marty Davis

Ed and Leah Davis

Tori and Ed DeCora

Jessica Debate

Mac DeLaup

Dentiq Dentistry

Craig DeSerf

Hal and Alice DeVore

Dr. Lynn Dickens

John and Kathryn Dinning

Trisha and Les Dolezal

James Dorsett

John and Joan Dougan

David and Sandra Dougan

Donny and Steffani Dougan

Tammy Dowe

Don and Misty Downey

Rebecca Doxey

Anna C. Dragsbaek

Don and Susan Dudley

Brian Dubiski

Clay Dugas

Amy Dunn

David Dupree

Lynn Duncan and Charles Oliver

Jill and David Dutton, Dallas, TX

Mindy Dworaczyk

Trevor and Stephen Eade-Hill

Bobbie Echard

Becky and James Edmiston

Sherry Eichberger, One Green Street

Jodie Eisenhardt

Debbie Elias

Bridgette Emanuel

Tobin and Diane Englet

Jaque and Lloyd Everson

Andrea and Matt Eyring

Angela Fabbri

Jackie Fair

John and Claudia Falk

Family Houston

Tracy and Harry Faulkner

Charlie Fenner

Tim Fields Esq. and Chris Bergeaux, New Orleans, LA

Chris and Tammy Ferrazi

Tom and Lori Ferazzi

Patsi Ferguson

Paige and Tilman Fertitta

Ivana and Andrew Firestone, CA

Allen Fletcher, State Representative

Teresa Flores

Grant and Tracy Foreman

Joe Francisco

Pablo and Jenn Franco

Jeff Fox

Karen Fustes

Darrion Gallegos, Los Angeles, CA

Regina Garcia

Michael Garfield

Jan and Eryn Garriga

Chris Gaynor

Kim Gebron

Bubba Gentry

Chris Gillman

Susan and Gip Gipson

Joe Gonzalez

Drs. Billy Gill and Michelle McNutt

Marcia Glatzer

DeShaun Glasgow

Greg and Jerrie Glidden

April and David Godwin

Doug Golden

Bob Gonzales

Sarah Beth Good

Julia and Ken Gouw, California

Andy and Leslie Gowrecki

Marc Graham

Josh and Jeanine Green

DJ Lewis Grell

Fred and Elizabeth Griffin

Yvonne Griffin

Griffin Partners, Inc.

Monica Guerrero

Miriam Habib

Darlene Hadjuk

Susan Haines

Barrett Hall and Courtney Cole

Blake and Kate Hall

Donny and Pete Hall

Tally and Erica Hall

Chris Hallman

Tonya and Hank Hamilton

Terry Hamman

John and Claudia Handrick

Kent Hanszen

Mimi and Scott Harlan

Hanzen LaPorte

Wendy Hall

Davon Hatchett

Rusty Hardin

Jenny Harris

Geoff and Lauren Harrison

Julie and Brandon Harrison

James Hart

Steve Hart

Brandi Hartsell

Mary Alice Hassett

Hurley Haywood

Michelle Heinz

Dave and Cindy Hemenway

Quang and Staci Henderson

Lily Hernandez

H and H Tents

Mike and Carol Hickey

Carrie and Trent Hicks

Roxanna and Russell Hill

Rebecca Hillenburg

JoAnn Hocking

Shafik and Shelby Hodge

Gretchen Kasper-Hoffman

Stacey and Chad Hollan

Tracy and Paul Holland

Barry Holtz

Amanda Holub

Jonathan Homeyer

Denene Hooper

Josh and Melissa Hopper

Lisa Hopkins

Stratton Horres

Peter Hotez

Lisie and Jay Houron

Cheryl Hoz and Al Gearing

Samantha Hudson

Shane Hudson

Jack and Christin Huffstetler

Charlie Hunton

Monica Hurley

Abbas and Rosie Hussein

Mr. and Mrs. Hutson

Vince Imhoff, Los Angeles, CA

Anika Jackson

Wendy Jaffe, Santa Monica, CA

Swatantra Jain

Ken and Tracy Janda

Dr. Jill Ann Jarrell

Michelle Iversen Jeffery

Richard and Joan Jennings

Kirsten Jensen

Elizabeth Pringle Johnson

Keith and Patti Johnson

Luci Baines Johnston

Thomas and Helena Johnson

Mary Joyce

Sheryl Kadmon

Heather Kanenberg

Ruth Keenan

Tara Kelly

Corey Kemendo

Craig Kemendo

Pamela Ketcham

Rob and MaryEllen Kimbrough

Adam Klein

Dr. Richard Kluckznik

Sarah and Mike Knigin

Michelle and Mark Kordonsky, Los Angeles

Duane and Kathy Kyrish

Nikki Lacey

Kelly Land

Dan Landsford, San Jose, CA

Rick Langley

Larua LaRue

Shane Larwa

David Lassetter

Ryan and Jessica Lawless

Bryan LeBlanc

Jared and Caroline LeBlanc

Phil LeBlanc

Michael and Lorrenda Lechtenberg

Ashlee and Travis Lee

David Lee

Megan Leggio

Donald Lehde

Danielle LeMaire

Sandi and Jim Lemming

Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

Jackie Medina-Lewis

Katharine Ligon and Megan Mooney

Bruce Linden, Los Angeles, CA

Amy Lindsay, Los Angeles, CA

Susan Lipka

Brett Ashley Longoria

Margarita Longoria

Jane and Jim Longtin

Lloyd and Amy Kirchner

Brian and Kara Lowe, Centerville, OH

Marilyn Lowe

Beth Lynn

Morris Malakoff

Cesar Maldonado

Dr. Roland Maldonado

Benita Malone

JW Marriott, Downtown Houston

Mark and Mary Manifould

Dorothy Marchand

Rob and Nancy Martin

David Martinez

Michael and Michelle Marx

James Masten

Amy Matkins

Amine Matta

Mark Matthes

Dennis and Kelly Maxson

Karen and Roger May

Tyler McConnell and Tessa Pack

Scott McClellan

Andy and Aileen McCormick

Corey McCulley

Jenifer and Blake McDonald

Shelton McDonald

April and Wells McGee

Erin McMahon

Bob and Janice McNair

Cal and Hannah McNair

Carla McNeil

Jefferey Ryan McRae

Dr. Ricky McShane

Arch and Gail McWhorter

Kathleen McWhorter

Simon and Katie Tipper-McWhorter

Lynn McWhorter

Mac and Dava McWhorter

Rick and Peggy McWhorter

Ryan and Cindy McWhorter

Trey and Sarah McWhorter

Chris and Rebekah McWhorter

Monty Meave

Sari Meittinen

Ed Melchor

A. Melvin

Butch Milks

Tim and Cindy Miller

Walter “Mac” Miller

Kristine Mills

Sue Ellen and Phil Miner

Hector Miranda

Michael Mitchell

N. Lee Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

Marilyn and Louis Mogus

Momentum BMW Southwest

Momentum Land Rover Southwest

Momentum Porsche Southwest

Erik Monrreal

Julio Montano

Megan Mooney

Jack and Debbie Moore

Tony and Chrissie Moore

Kelly and John Mooz

Burk and Jamie Moreland

Brent Morgan

Mike Morrison

Steve Morrison

Lori and Steve Morton, Durham, NC

Cedd Moses

Alice Mosing

Matt Moy

Dennis Murland

Cher Murphy

Howard Murphy, New Orleans, LA

Grant Nail

Melissa Nance

Rev. Jim and Linda Nelson

Tom and Reggie Nichols

Benita Nordenstrom

Jim and Kellye Nye

John Oakley

Pamela O'Brien

Jonathan and Melanie Ochoa

Occucare International

Ryan Ochsner

Jennifer Arianna Orner

Occucare International

Ryan Ochsner

Jennifer Arianna Orner

Linda Orner

Ada Palmer

John Palmer and Ryan Lindsay

City Councilman Corbett Daniel Parker

Sara Parker

Karen Parker

Travis Parker

Dr. Bela Patel

PDS Americas

Robert Penshorn

Aquilies Perez

Gunnar and Jess Peterson, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Petersen

Toni Peterson

Kim and Don Pettit

Pam Phelps

Lindsay Phend

Parker and Lourdes Phend

Angie and Douglas Pieri

Adam Pisani

Jeffrey Pollard

James Pomerantz

Bruce Potter

Denise Poulous

Martin and Danae Pike

Tom Pisula

Greg Powell

Bob Prather

Jason Presley

Pam Puckett

David and Evelyn Pursell

Dr. G. Radford

Asher Raphael

Charlotte Rausch

Rachel Regan

Glenda Regenbaum

Kevin and Toni Ratliff

Jason Rawlins, New York

Rick and Suzy Raymor

Lauri Reed, New Orleans, LA

Randall Reed

Alison and Mike Reese

George and Jacqui Reese

Andrew and Sarah Reese

Peter Remington

Thomas Rey

Carlos Reyes

Steve Rhyne

Jill and Phil Ribbeck

Jim Rice

Cindy Riggin

Chadd and Erin Rivera, Kansas City, MO

Vicki and Jack Rizzo

Jesse Roach

Ron Rivers and Roslyn Stoll

Vicki and Jack Rizzo

Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber

Damon Robertson, Austin, TX

Steve Robinson

Terri Robinson

Todd and Lori Roggen

Henry and Brenda Rojas

Stephanie Roman

Brandon Rook

Jamie and Melissa Roots

Brian Ross

Judy Ross

Doug Roufa

Dick Tate and Elaine Roufa

Joe and Ashlee Rubbo

Stacey and Jesse Rubio

Vicky Russell

Jason and Megan Ryan

April and Rod Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. John Rydman

Michael Saavedre

Rabia and Omar Samji

Vanessa Sanchez

David and Amy Sandberg

Dr. Annette Santamaria

Susan Sarofim

John and Lisa Sarvadi

Jack Schaffer

David Sandberg and Amy Schefler

T.J. Schultz

Ronda and Chip Schweiger

Michelle Scofield

Jon Sellars

Kent Shaffer

Andrea Sharp

Megan and Peter Shedden

Jimmy Shern, DDS, California

Chris Silkwood and Gary Milnarich

Myriam and Mauricio Silva, Los Angeles

Ben and Julie Simms

Marcia and Fred Simmons

Suraj Singh

Jack and Maggie Sinuk

Siphon Coffee

Steven and Heidi Skiff

Warren Sloan

Lee and Belinda Smith

Randy and Rhonda Smith

Mary Smith

Mike Smith

Paula Smith

Dan Sneed and Michael Jahnke

Matt Solomon

Southern Chemical

Adrian Spencer

Jan and Christine Spin

Betty and Gerry Stacy

Mark and Chrissie Stamey


Elisabeth and Chris Stavinoha

Susie Stephen

Ron and Dayna Stewart

Donna Reeves Stone

Strake Family

Scott Sturges

Scott Sulma and Molly Christian

Kristin and Matt Swain

Diane and Don Sweat

Jason and Ashley Sweny

Charles Sydnor

Richard Szponder

Colin and Lorraine Talbot

Fay and Rusty Taragan

Dick Tate

Shawn Taylor

Texas Children’s Hospital, Warrior Poem

Brad and Sandra Thompson

Philip and Susan Thompson

Daniel Tighe

Pat and Elinor Tinsley

Ceci and Chris Torn

Audrina Torres

Tessa and Danny Trace

Diana Tully

Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston

Tom and Patti Turner

Frank Valobra

Andrea Vance

Dave and Carla Vanderleide

Kathryn Van Immerzeel and Brandon Anderson

Maneesh K. Verma

Charles Linwood Vincent

David and Molly Vitela

Dr. Ann Vockrote, New Orleans, LA

William Wachel and Chris Otis

Laura Wagner

Kelly Wallace

Laura and Dave Ward

Tristan Ware

Lou Waters

Michelle Watson

Dr. Mark Wayda and Julie Davis, Ohio

Lou Weaver

Ken Wedemeyer

Sandra Wegmann

Misty and Tyson Weihs

Taff and April Weinstein

Hollie Wells

Austin Werner

Pamela West

John and Jolie Wheaton

Debra and Michael Wichser

Carl and Julia Williams

Donna and Paul Wilson

Lou and Elizabeth Wilson

Dena and Chris Winkler

Laila Woc

Beth Wolffe

Randall and Tiffany Wong

Jennifer and Matt Wood

Viki Word

Don Worrall

Dr. Michael Yafi

Heather Yanak

Charity Yarborough

Michael and Bess Yeary

Rochelle Yuga

Grace Yung

Angie and Bill Zartler